An extraordinary CV shapes an extraordinary person and musician: Jürgen Pleinetti is serious!

Born in the 1960s in western Germany, grew up in Dormagen, driven by the joy of life of a Rhenish cheerful nature. Jürgen Pleinetti discovered his passion for music early on. Whether in the shower, in the bathtub, or at the karaoke bar: the bundle of energy’s passion for the right tone has been a constant companion to a varied life since childhood. The seriousness of life begins for him as a chemical worker and continues as an everyday companion for dementia sufferers, leading the Rhinelander to work in the commercial sector.

But no matter how varied his tasks are, no matter how different the jobs are, from call center agent to online shop operator. One thing surrounds Pleinetti like his shadow: his love for music. Encouraged by people who surround him and are important to him, Jürgen Pleinetti takes off. He recognizes what shapes his life and sets himself up professionally with his own home studio. In 2020 he finally follows the call of his innermost being, which takes him from the west to the south of the republic to Bavaria. There he met the producer Fritz Rach from Straßkirchen, who presented him with a demo of “I want to dance” and recorded his singing. He then commissioned the video and music producer Florian Glötzl from Waldkirchen, who turned the idea into a modern, danceable pop hit and produced a music video.

The new summer singles, 2021 “Dance with me the Rumba-Fox” and “Come on Board” were created in collaboration with the label Bertl’s Records from Waldkirchen, lyricist and artist manager Boris Fechner, and media and music producer Florian Glötzl. The music videos were filmed in Mallorca, Cala d’Or, on an exclusive yacht, on the beach, and in a bar. Jürgen Pleinetti has arrived. His life path has taken him where his heart always wanted to see him: with music.

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