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We have the honor of interviewing the upcoming artist XTC

Where are you from?

I call Stockholm, Sweden my home, but my roots trace back to Ethiopia and Gambia.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?

When it comes to inspiration, I look up to talents like Gigi, the Ethiopian singer , alongside The Weeknd and Tory Lanez

Tell me about how your creation part begins, and how is your workflow.

My creative journey begins with life experiences; I can’t craft from fiction. I’m candid and raw in my music. As for workflow, I can create at any hour, but there’s something special about the stillness of the night.

Where do you find inspiration?

My muse is life itself. I can’t craft art from thin air; it has to be something I’ve lived and felt. I’m unguarded and forthright in my music.

When is your favorite time of day to create your music?

I can make music at any given time, but my favorite hours is when the city sleeps, under the moonlight

Describe how art is essential to society nowadays

Art’s importance is timeless; it’s a medium for us to communicate emotions universally, transcending cultures. Life itself is the most exquisite masterpiece

What motivates you to create?

My motivation stems from my daughter, family, friends, and my community. Music is my oxygen; motivation is never a struggle.

How do you define success as a music artist?

Success varies for everyone. For me, it’s about sustaining myself through my craft, providing for my people, and having a fan base that appreciates my art.

Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Art grants me the freedom to be myself, to explore, to be vulnerable, and to understand emotions on a deeper level.

How do you develop your art skills?

Practice is the path to perfection. Consistency, growth, and a willingness to experiment while following your heart is key.

What is your next move?

I plan to maintain a consistent release schedule like I’ve been doing all year, with a project dropping early next year.

Where will we see you in 5 years?

In shaa Allah me and the guys Will be globally known affecting the culture and telling our story.

Thanks, and we love your music, and wish you the best in your music career!

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