“The Arcane Insignia” has released the new single, “Aurora” on Spotify!

Where are you from?
Born & raised in Colombia, living in New York City for 19 years.

Who are your biggest artistic influences?
Musically, everything Maynard James Keenan has done (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer), Opeth, Steven Wilson & Porcupine Tree, Katatonia, Riverside… So many to mention.

Tell me about how your creation part begins, and how is your workflow.
All of our material has been a stream of consciousness process.

Where do you find inspiration?
Every aspect of life, from heartbreak to loss can have such a subconscious impact in our lives.

When is your favorite time of day to create your music?
As a nighttime person, I’d love to say past midnight, although many of the ideas that went into our album actually came in dreams.

Describe how art is essential to society nowadays
Firefighters, doctors and the like make sure we keep on living. Artists make life worth living for.

What motivates you to create?
The cathartic aspect of it. A part of me feels that art creates me rather than I creating it.

How do you define success as a music artist?
The authenticity with which it is presented. However many lives are touched by it being a representation of that vulnerable touch.

Does art help you in other areas of your life?
Understand the root values of patience, improvisation and deep listening in every day life.

How do you develop your art skills?
Life experiences seem to shape each step in its own way.

What is your next move?
Whatever checkmate means today might be a losing move tomorrow. Have to stay open to the flow & trust the process.

Where will we see you in 5 years?
Only one way to find out.

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