Poor & Pure has come to live after studying the crusades that started almost thousands of years ago in 1096. The main reason this Project seemed relevant, was learning that the crusades were a reaction to 385 years of oppression (starting in 711), being plundered, having wives and daughters raped, getting murdered and being enslaved by Saracens who completely exploited all resources from southern and central Europe, creating thereby the Islamic “golden age” that was only made possible by stealing wealth, goods, people (as slaves), knowledge and technology from early Christians, who didn’t defend themselves because of their teachings of love and tolerance.
Now today, Europe again finds itself in a state of tolerance to an extend of cognitive dissonance. The project “Poor & Pure” aims to teach about the history of the crusades, so people may realize the parallels to today’s world, because if we don’t act against an invasion of a culture that can only sustain itself by exploiting others, inestimably many years of suffering and oppression could await us.
As censorship reached a historic peak in todays world, this problem can’t be named directly, therefore this music shall help people realize, that we should act not in unquestioning tolerance but in thought on how we should form our society, so that those who come after us also can enjoy a life of peace and harmony as we were able to until about 2014.

The song crusader aims to remember the great deeds of the crusaders throughout history and to give them thanks for fighting for our ancestors’ lands, having made modernity possible by defending our world against an ideology of oppression and terror. It also warns the listener to wake up from the slumber of comfortable indifference towards political threads in today’s age by calling for the resurrection of the salvatory movement. The dramatic tone chosen for the song underlines the urgency of acting, not necessarily for Christianity, but for Europe with all its cultures and heritage, as we were able to learn from western Asian countries, whose cultural heritage was smashed and burnt by the same invasive ideology that now subtly aims to invade Europe by sending as many of their ideology’s personnel as possible, veiling themselves as immigrants and refugees in need of help while aiming to bring sharia law and califates to Europe again

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