Where are you from?
“I was born and raised in beautiful Austria, a country rich in art and culture. I have lived in Munich for a quarter of a century.”

Who are your biggest artistic influences?
“As a child of the 80s, I am heavily influenced by the artists of that era. Greats like Falco, Sting, Prince, David Bowie and Michael Cretu have had a significant impact on my musical development.”

Tell me how your creative process begins and what your workflow looks like.
“My creative journey often begins with inspiration from various sources. Experiences, books or films spark spontaneous musical ideas in me. I then choose the theme or mood for the piece. The most exciting part, however, is the production, be it with established or emerging artists. The creative exchange inspires me and opens up new perspectives that I may not have considered before.
Many of my collaborations span great distances, with artists from the USA, Canada, England and Australia. These cultural influences enrich my work and inspire me again and again.

Where do you find inspiration?
“My closest friends and the nature around me are my greatest sources of inspiration. Daily life itself offers inexhaustible creative stimuli.”

When do you like to compose music the most?
“I like to compose when I have calmed down internally and am processing experiences. Writing and producing music inspires my spirit and makes me happy, especially when I see what has come out of it.”

Describe how important art is to today’s society.
“Art has the unique ability to build bridges between cultures and promote understanding and tolerance. It is often independent of politics and religion and provides a platform to reflect on the current madness of the world. Without art, we as a society would not be where we are today.”

What motivates you to create?
“The love of music and people motivates me enormously. Creating itself is a very satisfying process. It fulfills me to know that I have created something that can touch and inspire others too.”

How do you define success as a music artist?
“For me, success means establishing a deep connection with my listeners and creating authentic music that evokes emotional resonance. If my music makes people happy or thought-provoking and they enjoy listening to my songs, that is the greatest success for me.”

Does art help you in other areas of your life?
“Yes, art supports me in many aspects of my life. It allows me to express thoughts and feelings and serves as an outlet to process stress and emotions. Music promotes my concentration and mindfulness, thus contributing to my overall well-being.”

How do you develop your artistic skills?
“To develop my artistic skills, I take a holistic approach that combines practice, training and inspiration. Regular experimentation is essential to improve my skills and develop new ideas. I also get inspiration from different art forms and artists, which broadens my horizons and stimulates my creativity.”

What is your next step?
“The next steps are similar to the previous ones: I get inspired, write new songs and continue to produce music as long as I am able. Always looking for new horizons and ways of expression.”

Where will we see you in 5 years?
“In five years, I see myself as an artist who is continuously releasing new music and reaching an expanded audience. Another goal is to have a positive impact on the community and support young, up-and-coming artists.”

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