Where are you from?
My Name is Alexander Hambrock and I‘m from Germany

Who are your biggest artistic influences?
“My greatest artistic influences are Michael Jackson and Preslava. Michael Jackson has strongly influenced me with his unique stage presence, revolutionary dance style, and iconic contribution to pop music. His musical legacy and creative influence on the world of pop music are an endless source of inspiration for me. His ability to convey emotions and messages through his music has motivated me to delve deeper into my own artistic expression.”

Preslava is my favorite singer.
Her way of singing has inspired me to write songs in Bulgarian.

Tell me about how your creation part begins, and how is your workflow.
I am seeking tranquility and endeavoring to transform my emotions into a song.

Where do you find inspiration?
I have been inspired by Diona and Sofi Marinova with their collaborative song ‘neizjivjanata lyubov.’ It’s one of my favorite songs.

When is your favorite time of day to create your music?
In the evening when I’m lying in bed.

Describe how art is essential to society nowadays
Art is indispensable to society because it has the ability to convey complex emotions and ideas that are often difficult to put into words. It brings diversity and beauty into our lives and allows us to connect with other people regardless of cultural boundaries. Art can also address important social issues and provoke thought. Additionally, it provides a means of expression, healing, and growth. Overall, art contributes to cultural development and the well-being of society.

What motivates you to create?
The motivation to create songs for me comes from a deep connection to my emotions and thoughts. Music is a powerful medium for me to transform my feelings and share them with others. Often, my inspiration is nurtured by personal experiences or observations in the world around me, encompassing both joy and sorrow. Through musical expression, I can find my voice and hope that my songs resonate with others, perhaps providing comfort or inspiration. Ultimately, it’s the ability of music to create connections and convey emotions that continually motivates me to create new songs.

How do you defne success as a music artist?
Success as a music artist can be defined for me by the impact my music has on others, inspiring and provoking thought. It’s about creating an emotional connection with my audience and generating resonance. Success also means continually evolving artistically, reaching new creative heights, and deepening my musicality. Furthermore, it’s important to have the freedom to authentically express my artistic vision without compromising with external influences. Lastly, success is also linked to the opportunity to be recognized and respected as an artist, as well as the empowerment to make a positive impact on my listeners and the world through my art.

Does art help you in other areas of your life?
Yes, art definitely helps me in other areas of my life as well. The creative energy I experience through my music inspires me in my daily life, encouraging me to overcome obstacles and find new ways to address challenges. Additionally, the ability to express myself through art provides me with a sense of balance, allowing me to relieve stress and unwind. The passion and perseverance I invest in music also carry over to other aspects of my life, helping me pursue my goals with determination and dedication. Ultimately, the creative realm that art provides permeates all areas of my life and enriches them in diverse ways.

How do you develop your art skills?
“I wouldn’t say that I consciously work on improving my artistic skills. Instead, it’s the experiences that shape me into a better artist.”

What is your next move?
My next step is to continue working on my music and evolving creatively. I plan to write new songs, seek artistic inspiration, and look for opportunities to make my music accessible to a wider audience.

Where will we see you in 5 years?
In 5 years, I see myself as an established producer, continuing to create powerful and meaningful music and collaborating with renowned artists like Preslava or Diona. My goal is to grow as a producer and build a deep connection with my artist colleagues and the audience on an international level, while continuing to work on new projects and expand my creative vision. Ultimately, I aim to have a sustainable and inspiring impact through my work.

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