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Where are you from?
I am from Palm Springs, California

Who are your biggest artistic influences?
I started my influence in music when I was very young, honing that ability my parents saw it. One day my parents came to with a beat up guitar they found at a thrift store. I was more than overjoyed. I never once stopped using it. That lead me to making my own music, tweaking it a bit with 9 other instruments I learned to play over my school years. That is what lead me to strive and put my music out there on Spotify.

Tell me about how your creation part begins, and how is your workflow.
It wasn’t until maybe my junior year of high school when I heard of cuco. Considering that I played 10 instruments, I decided that I could do it myself. His way of music is a true inspiration for me. The second biggest inspiration for me was the thought of retiring my family. When I make it big, I want my family to retire for all their hard efforts. It’s what keeps me going, it’s what has me working to promote my work till this very day.

Where do you find inspiration?
I tend to make music around the end of the day, specifically around midnight. It allows me to relax and reflect on what had happened throughout the day. My music is heavily influenced by my personal experiences and usually you get those types of thoughts at night when you’re about to sleep, so I take advantage of those thoughts to write my music.

Describe how art is essential to society nowadays
The way I could describe art is “perspective” and “perception”. Many people see art in different ways, others diminishing other types of art. That being modern art to old art, old school music to modern music, etc. If life didn’t give us the ability to perceive everything so differently as an individual, we would all be clones. So I see art as a form of self expression for that of each their own.

What motivates you to create?
As previously stated, one of my motivations has to be my family. They’ve given me such a big opportunity to succeed. I wouldn’t want to succeed without them, so for myself and for them I do what I must. I think a second thing that motivates me is the thought of accomplishing the dreams/goals that I had as a child. Wanting to inspire the world with my music so that other young or old creators can be motivated to put their music out there.

How do you define success as a music artist?
Success is a independent variable when it comes to music. When you think of success you probably think of becoming famous and rich. As others may see success as learning and instrument or learning how to sing. My personal success is going into the music industry and making it big. That’s what I want and perceive as my own success.

Does art help you in other areas of your life?
I truly believe that art has helped me in my life. It was heavily influenced by my school years in band. Which taught me time management, patience, and the benefits of socialization. This allowed me to put these skills into college and the workforce.

How do you develop your art skills?
I develop my skills with my instruments and my voice. Self producing everything in a DAW.

What is your next move?
My next biggest move is a new music video, as I have already released a music video for my latest song “Lost”. Besides a music video, an album is soon to drop too. So be prepared for that.

Where will we see you in 5 years?
I see myself in the next five years as the a successful music artist. With all of my dreams/goals accomplished. Hoping to inspire many to do the same. This time with organic has been a blessing, and I hope to continue to do more like these in the future.

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